WALTER COBLENZ (Producer) established himself as a producer in 1972 with the theatrical feature, “The Candidate” starring Robert Redford, for Warner Brothers. He also produced, “All the President's Men” starring Robert Redford, Dustin Hoffman and Jason Robards, which received eight Academy Awards. Other producing credits include Joseph Wambaugh’s “The Onion Field” starring James Woods and Ted Danson, “Space Camp,” “Strange Invaders,” “Sister Sister” with Eric Stoltz, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Judith Ivey, “18 Again” starring George Burns, and “For Keeps” with Molly Ringwald. He was the executive producer of “The Babe” starring Kelly McGillis and John Goodman. His most recent feature credit is the successful “Money Talks” starring Chris Tucker and Charlie Sheen.

Between features, Coblenz has produced both television series and Movies of the Week. His television credits include, “The Blue Knight,” a NBC mini-series starring William Holden and Lee Remick, for which he received an Emmy nomination. Among his other credits are the NBC Movies of the Week, “House of Secrets” starring Melissa Gilbert, Bruce Boxleitner, and Cicely Tyson, “Jack Reed: Badge of Honor” with Brian Dennehy and Susan Ruttan, “Not Our Son” starring Neil Patrick Harris and Gerald McRaney, as well as “Donato and Daughter” starring Charles Bronson.

During a production hiatus, Coblenz served as Senior Vice President of Production at Tri Star Pictures. He supervised the production of such features as “The Natural,” “Places in the Heart” and “Birdy.” He also served as Senior Vice President of Production at Carolco Pictures where he supervised productions including “Terminator 2,” “The Doors,” and “Rambling Rose.” In addition, he has been a production consultant for various film companies.